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Sorry to disappoint you Prof. Feynman

We discovered the underlying algorithms of the universe and invented new theories for Physics, Maths, Algorithms to explain it.

Outside Automatski nobody understands Dark Matter/Energy, Origin/Fate of the Universe, Cosmic Inflation, Black Holes, Worm Holes, Multiverses, Background Radiation, Neutrinos... the list goes on.

We are not the ones who bluffed our way through Quantum Electrodynamics and yet won a Nobel Prize for the deceitful charades.

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Doesn't String Theory Explain The Universe?

String Theory is a Joke. While it can fit into everything that's even possible yet it specifically doesn't explain anything. It is like two variables X and Y. Which can have any values.

It is your job to figure out from the infinite combinations of values which specific values correspond to the properties of your specific universe. And then and only then can it be used to model your universe.

What Is This Universe?

"How does it work?"

The Answer

Automatski proved that this Universe is a Simulation. And that too a linear order simulation. It doesn't require O(N^3) compute to simulate it but rather O(N)

How can you be so sure?

Because Automatski discovered the Underlying Algorithms of the universe in the 1990s.

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