For Job Seekers:

The Software Development & Support Function Jobs

Are open to anyone, who has the education and experience to perform them well. And is willing to work at competitive market rates.

The Core Jobs In [Quantum] Computing/Physics & Sciences

We only hire for these positions from the Top10 Institutes/Universities in the world. You have to be one of the worlds best at what you do to make the cut. If you are a mediocre applicant from a 400 or 1000 ranked University. You are strongly discouraged from applying. These jobs are not for everyone.

Also we don't give a shit if you feel entitled because you are the Director of IBM or Microsoft or the VP of Google or Apple. We don't want excel and powerpoint experts. We want practitioners who have spent and will dedicate their lifetime to this field.

If you sit back and think clearly anyone would realise that your capability and experience working at Uber, OpenAI, Walmart has nothing to do with the requirements of these jobs. 

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