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Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD deals with the numerical simulation and analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer processes. Using numerical methods to solve the governing equations of fluid dynamics, which are typically the Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible or compressible flows.


Simulation of Fluid Flow
Design and Optimization
Heat Transfer Analysis
Turbulence Modeling
Environmental Studies
Biomedical Applications
Aerospace and Automotive Industries
Energy Sector
Chemical and Process Engineering
Oil and Gas Exploration

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Exponential Computational Advantage

Automatski has implemented methods which have both classical and quantum counterparts. Hence the results can be verified for accuracy. And benchmarking is easy.

Using the quantum algorithms Automatski has achieved Exponential Computational Advantage vis-a-vis anything that exists out there today.

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Quantum Computational Fluid Dynamics

Automatski has designed Quantum Algorithms for CFD which deliver an exponential advantage compared to the "same" Classical Algorithm Counterpart.

We chose this method as it has both Classical and Quantum Counterparts and the Classical Variant can be used to test and benchmark the Quantum Variant.

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