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Geoffrey Hinton (Father of Deep Learning) said - We have to do away with backtracking, that's not how our brain works. And we have to throw everything away and start all over again. All this won't lead to AGI.

He proposed the Forward-Forward Algorithm and has been toying with it eversince.

While Automatski eliminated Backtracking from its deep learning platform 2 decades ago. We just use forward passes and some adjustments to train the models.

Consequently we don't need any GPUs pretty much. 99% lower energy. 95% lower compute costs. 100X larger models...

Beat that OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, Intel, AMD !!!

Mobirise Website Builder

Quantum Deep Learning

We created the most Universal Model for Quantum Deep Learning & Quantum State Preparation using a Universal Ansatz Circuit & Simulator/Computer Instructions.

This delivers Polynomial if not Exponential Quantum Advantage. Which is otherwise not possible.

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