The End Game:

The Original Plan

Automatski is not a charity, its a business. And while we want to benefit mankind we wanted to make a fair deal of money for ourselves too. So we started with the goal of becoming the first 100 Trillion Dollar Company and the first Trillionaires. Turning the human race into an Inter-Galactic Species in the process.

The Journey

Its been 3 decades since we started and we have worked 12-14 hours a day, 365 days a year with blood, sweat and tears. And we have been made to go through a 5000 deaths. Now we are old, exhausted and on the verge of retirement and want to take it easy and enjoy life a little, whatever of it is left.

The Road Ahead

We will definitely not be able to launch all our products and inventions unless someone magically funds us a hundred billion dollars. Whatever happens it will be slow and organic and we have run out of time. So we might just launch our Quantum Systems and give it to the world for anyone who wishes to solve the worlds problems at their own costs and efforts.

Automatski has no obligation to any individual, organization, country/government or mankind. It has to be fair to itself.

Sorry! As of now that's the best we can do!