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Battery Design

The most expensive part of an Electric Vehicle is its Battery.

It is also bulky. We need to increase the Energy Density (kWh/kg) of Batteries many folds to make the EV Revolution a reality.

Quantum Computers to the rescue.

*** Automatski' 300+ Qubit Quantum Simulators, Annealer(s) and 1m+ Qubit Eigen Solvers can do this "Today"

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Battery Chemistry

Using Quantum Computers we can for example study lithium compounds and their chemical reactions involved in battery chemistry.

The problem boils down to calculating the system’s ground-state energy, which is the most critical piece of information for understanding how one molecule will interact with other molecules.

Quantum Computers can be used to make Batteries
- Cheaper
- Energy Efficient (kWh/kg)
- Smaller & More Compact
- Safer (won't catch fire)
- Increase Battery Life (More charge discharge cycles)
- Using alternative materials (Avoiding rare earth materials)
- Less Hazardous (Battery Disposal)

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