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Quantum Gravity Computer

"The Most Powerful Type Of Computing Machine That Is Possible In This Universe"

aka Hyper Computers they are based on Quantum Computing & Gravity. They are agnostic to Causality i.e. they have Indefinite Causality (Cause & Effect Relationships)

Automatski is 5000 years ahead of everyone else. It built the worlds first Quantum Gravity Computer in ~2006

Quantum Computers are Exponential in Computational Power internally the way they execute. And Gravity Computers are also Exponential in Computational Power. The combination aka Quantum Gravity Computer is Doubly Exponential in Computational Power internally.

We also have an Analogous Classical Gravity Computer which is also Double Exponential in Computational Power and is equivalent to and is an alternative Computing Paradigm to The Quantum Gravity Computer, based on Classical Logic and Gravity.

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Hyper Computing

• O-Machines
• Turing Machines with Initial Inscriptions
• Coupled Turing Machines
• Asynchronous Networks of Turing Machines
• Error Prone Turing Machines
• Probabilistic Turing Machines
• Infinite State Turing Machines
• Accelerated Turing Machines
• Infinite Time Turing Machines
• Fair Non-Deterministic Turing Machines
• Quantum Gravity Computers

The Computing Technology Beyond That Of The Next 5000 Years

"The Power Of Which Can Probably Only Be Matched By God Himself"

What is a Hyper Computing Machine?

Hypercomputation or Super-Turing Computation is a set of models of computation that can provide outputs that are not Turing-Computable. For example, a machine that could solve the halting problem would be a hypercomputer; so too would one that can correctly evaluate every statement in Peano arithmetic.

The Church–Turing thesis states that any "computable" function that can be computed by a mathematician with a pen and paper using a finite set of simple algorithms, can be computed by a Turing Machine. Hypercomputers compute functions that a Turing Machine cannot and which are, hence, not computable in the Church–Turing sense.

Which problems can it be used to solve?

Firstly these machines are meant to be used by engineers and scientists and not by the layman. They are meant to solve scientific problems in Physics, Chemistry, Drug Discovery etc.

But as of today there is not much literature on examples of such problems. This is because nobody expects these machines to be made anytime in the near future. Hence no one has funded such studies. Therefore more research and theoretical work is required which has to focus on problems for example in finance, drug discovery, energy, batteries etc. which are currently considered unsolvable by classical computers or even quantum computers.

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