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The ~Billion Node Discrete/Continuous Random Walks Over Arbitrary Graphs

Both discrete and continuous-time walks.
+ Arbitrary Graphs
+ Billion+ Nodes
+ Exponential Computational Advantage (Proprietary Algorithms)

Built in 1997. Production Ready ever since.

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Classical Walks vs Quantum Walks

Random walks and quantum walks are distinct mathematical models with different principles and behaviors. Random walks are classical processes based on randomness and probability, while quantum walks are quantum-mechanical processes that exhibit unique quantum behaviors, such as interference and superposition, making them relevant in the context of quantum computing and quantum information processing.

Quantum Walks are a Universal Model of Quantum Computing.
And walks are computationally universal in either case.

Automatski offers both solutions with Exponential Computational Advantage.


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Random Walks

1+ Billion Nodes with Exponential Computational Advantage

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