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The State Of Robotics

The Robots we've been building for decades now are physically perfectly capable of doing a wide range of useful tasks.

But the problem is that we can't embed them with the intelligence needed to do those things.

So basically creating state-of-the-art robotics is a software challenge 'Not' a hardware problem.

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How did Automatski Invent Robotics?

By solving the only problem that has remained unsolved till now.

By making AI (or what the world calls AGI)

But even if we used Super Computers it won't work in Realtime. That's why Automatski says it has "Non-Realtime" AGI in its labs since 1990s

Because it requires so many computations that probably we would need an Atomic Scale Computer or maybe a Molecular Scale Computer to compute everything.

The human brain contains 86 billion neurons, with 16 billion neurons in the cerebral cortex. And over 100 trillion synaptic connections.

So, no, we actually didn't design and manufacture a Biped/Humanoid. Because that's pretty much of no use without the brain.

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