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Quantum Gravity The Last Missing Piece In The Theory Of Everything

It comes as no surprise that all attempts to treat gravity simply like one more quantum force (on par with electromagnetism and the nuclear forces) have failed. According to Einstein, gravity is not a force – it is a property of spacetime itself.

Electromagnetic force is 23 orders of magnitude more powerful than gravity. The only reason we notice gravity at all is that electromagnetism comes with a charge, and the charges cancel each other out almost all the time. And because there are 10^50 atoms in a planet like Earth.

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Quantum Gravity - A Disappointment For The Physics Community

We replicated some research papers and ran it on our Quantum Computer w/ a Billion Qubits. The result was a Negative for Quantum Gravity.

What About The Theory Of Everything?

"Are you saying we cannot unify Gravity w/ Relativity?"

The Conclusion

After running experiments on the worlds most powerful 1 Bn Qubit Quantum Computer at Automatski.

Automatski concluded that Gravity is an Attribute of 3D Geometry and 3D Space and not a Fundamental Quantizable Force which has its own Particles For Interactions.

So, will we ever have a Theory Of Everything?

Yes! We have one. But Automatski didn't create it by Unifying Quantum Gravity w/ The Standard Model. But rather by discovering the underlying Algorithms of the Universe (Simulation). Which then led to the theory of everything.

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