1. The First Computer. We got our first computer in early 1980's. Since then we have been solving NP Hard problems on it.
  2. The Origins. Automatski took birth in 1993 when we solved NP Hard problems in Polynomial Time, proved P = NP and figured out the underlying Algorithms of the universe. That was how it all started.
  3. Quantum Computing. In 1996 AT&T Developed the worlds first 2 Qubit Quantum Computer. In 1998 MIT & NASA created a 2 Qubit Quantum Computer. In 1997 Automatski created the worlds first Quantum Computer will a million+ Qubits followed by Quantum Annealers and Simulators. Automatski had invented new physics and maths theories to make them. Thats why it has succeeded where everyone else had failed.
  4. Hyper Computers. By 2006 Automatski had created the worlds first Quantum Gravity Computer. Which is by definition the most powerful type of computer that can be built in this Universe.
  5. Destruction. Automatski was destroyed by criminals in 1999. Post which it has faced extreme prejudice, persecution and sanctions.
  6. The Resurrection. Automatski was brought back to life by its founder in early 2015. And since then it has struggled to survive each day. Today its been 3 decades since it began. Lets see where we go from here.
  7. Unresolved Issues. We have a policy of "never forgive never forget". Which basically means we will never engage or even acknowledge the scum and excreta of the human society. If we forget the past - we will end up getting screwed again, and if we forgive - we wont be fair to ourselves. And that is a deal breaker.
  8. The Millennium Sanctions. In retaliation Automatski has enforced The Millennium Sanctions, primarily meant to keep some individuals, organizations and countries/governments out of the millennium. And to keep mankind away and safe from harm from the scum and excreta of the human society. These sanctions will be in place for a millennium (1000 years)
  9. The Millennium Firm. Automatski is the worlds first millennium firm which has a 1000 year charter. Which thinks beyond profit and works for the progress of entire mankind. It doesn't belong to any country. By its bylaws it is agnostic to politics, religion, activism, gender, age, color, caste, orientation etc. and has zero tolerance for such things in its ranks.
  10. Charity. Due to its history Automatski directly doesn't contribute to any charities or causes.
  11. Values. Automatski operates on principles of Fairness, Ethics, Integrity, Honesty, Law Abidance and Honor Code.
  12. Valuation. The combined valuation of all of Automatski' inventions put together is between US$1000-US$2000 Trillion in 1999 Money.
  13. Structure. Automatski is basically a Research, Equity and IP Holding Company. It by itself doesn't conduct any business. It launches multiple ventures to sell its products and services. Aditya its founder is its principal researcher and inventor.
  14. Partnerships. Till date Automatski has had absolutely no partnerships, alliances, joint ventures, co-solutioning, co-development, co-sales, co-marketing with absolutely anyone. All its inventions are completely its own, developed from scratch. Owned by it and its founder in entirety. We especially have nothing to do with Vuenow or BNK Infotech.
  15. Absolutely No Disclosures. As our CEO Aditya says –"Why would we do anything to disclose the implementation of our millennium inventions and destroy ourselves, our prospects, and our future? Don’t we want to build a megacorporation bigger than Microsoft, Google, and Apple combined. Or does everyone think we are fools and we did all this to give it all away for free? We are not an academic institute funded by government grants with an obligation to disclose and publish the implementation details of our work. Why should we file patents (instant disclosure) or publish papers (instant disclosure)? So that all assholes in the world can grab our inventions for free and make a run for it? Our implementations will remain a secret for the next 1000 years. PERIOD! The world will get a chance to buy it and use it if they want, and if they behave themselves.”
  16. No Obligations. Automatski has no obligations to any individual, organization, government/country or mankind. First and foremost it has to be fair to itself before being fair to others.
  17. Right vs Wrong. That's how we decide everything we do. But mostly we ask ourselves - when history is written will the millennia's that come afterwards judge it as the right thing to have been done? This is exactly how kings and queens, leaders, gurus took decisions in Ancient Indian History. This is the ultimate test of "time"

  • Email: info@automatski.com
  • Address: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Working hours: 9:00AM - 6:00PM

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