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Nuclear Fusion

A nuclear fusion reactor is a type of power plant that generates energy by fusing atomic nuclei together, typically under extreme temperature and pressure conditions. 

The most common fusion reaction pursued for practical energy production involves the isotopes deuterium (D) and tritium (T), which can be found in hydrogen. When these isotopes fuse, they form helium (He) and release a neutron, along with a tremendous amount of energy. 

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Nobody Can Do It Outside Automatski

Nobody has been able to make controlled sustainable net-positive energy nuclear fusion work till date. And Automatski asserts that nobody outside Automatski will be able to do it, like never.

Because nobody understands how Plasma behaves at 200 million degrees and without that knowledge nobody can solve the problems to successfully create a working nuclear fusion reactor.

And to do that basically requires a full Quantum Simulation of Plasma at 200 million degrees.

Voila! Automatski's 300+ Qubit Quantum Simulator can do it "Today" Guaranteeing the invention of Nuclear Fusion for the benefit of mankind.

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The Only Way To Create Nuclear Fusion

Is by doing a full quantum simulation of plasma at 200 million degrees. With Automatski' 300+ Qubit Quantum Simulators or Quantum Computers.

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