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The Billion+ "Logical" Qubit Arbitrary Circuit Depth "Infinite Precision" Quantum Computer

Built in 1997. Production Ready ever since.

And we support non-destructive measurements and non-linear quantum gates. Either of which is enough to solve NP Problems in Polynomial Time.

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Quantum Simulator vs Quantum Computer

The world describes them as simulator=software/classical vs computer=hardware/quantum.

We describe them as - Quantum Simulators use Maths and Quantum Computers use Physics.

Production Grade Quantum Computer

"The person who understands the universe the best will win this race of world domination."

How was it made?

The Universe is a Simulation. And we discovered the underlying algorithms of the Universe in 1990's. So we have used that knowledge to develop a lot of new theories of Physics, Maths and new Algorithms.

And that is what we use to implement our Quantum Simulators and Quantum Computers. And to the skeptics we would say - They work as desired.

When will it be made available to Customers?

It has been disassembled and put in cold storage for two reasons (i) it cannibalizes the market for our Simulator for the first 10-20 years, (ii) we will release it when everyone else in the world has invested and spent trillions of dollars and either failed miserably to make a working production grade quantum computer, or when they finally make and release their Quantum Computers.

And then and only then we will launch our Quantum Computer with double the capability and half the price. Needless to say that will destroy a lot of arrogant and pompous individuals and companies and give them a lesson in humility. We understand that this has delayed the progress of mankind by half a century. But then we didn't start the war, we are here to end it.

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Boolean Satisfiability w/ Grovers Algorithm on the Worlds most powerful Billion Logical Qubit Quantum Computer

A 20 variable problem uses 400+ Logical Qubits & 192k Gates

A 50 variable problem uses 1000+ Logical Qubits & 13.6bn Gates

This is Worlds First & Only Production Scale Quantum Computing.

*** Grovers Algorithm is the easiest way to verify that a Quantum Computer is working "Perfectly". Just thought you might want to know.

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