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Artificial Intelligence

An artificial general intelligence (AGI) is a hypothetical type of intelligent agent. If realized, an AGI could learn to accomplish any intellectual task that human beings or animals can perform.

The media, academia and industry has segregated AI into AGI, narrow AI, super AI etc.

But in reality it is simply whether something has AI or it doesn't. If it is artificial and is intelligent then it has AI else it doesn't. It is as simple as that.

Deep Learning is function approximation using neural networks which is trained by hammering it with billions and trillions of input-output patterns. It has nothing to do with AI and as Geoffrey Hinton says it won't lead to AI. Similarly for Reinforcement Learning and Large Language Models.

Contrary to popular belief AI has not been invented yet (outside Automatski).

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Artificial Intelligence At Automatski

Automatski started in days when the world didn't even have a working and scientific definition of Intelligence, let alone Artificial Intelligence, which is true even till date. Marvin Minsky was struggling in his labs at MIT till his death. 

Some believe that the Human Brain uses Quantum Effects or even that is it Non-Turing Computable and can only be explained by the acts of God.

AI (what the world calls AGI) was invented at Automatski in the 1990's. We discovered the underlying algorithm used by the Human Brain. Contrary to current belief AI doesn't work using Execution of Circuits or Networks or Programs or Instructions.

It is a manifestation of a specific kind of a System that interacts using Energies. And changes state, triggering actions and thoughts. The closed loop delayed feedback of thoughts was what gave the impression of the human mind (the voice in our head). 

Automatski created the worlds first (Non-Realtime) AI (aka AGI). It was computationally infeasible to run it in realtime in 1990's and even now in 2020's.

But with this invention Automatski was able to answer and explain everything from mind, brain, soul, feelings, creativity, logic, reasoning, intelligence, life, death, rebirth, heaven, hell etc.

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