Investment Opportunities @ Automatski's Ventures

Venture Seeking Valuation [Pre-Money] Description
Heuristica US$5-20 million US$115 million Hyper-Heuristic & Meta-Heuristic Solutions For The Worlds Problems
Algorithmically US$5-20 million US$115 million Marketplace For Algorithms & Services. Maths, Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Uniquely US$5-20 million US$115 million Marketplace For Premium Massively Customized Things - Per Customer. Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Fashion, Accessories, Mobiles, Stationary, Cars, Bikes, Furniture, Devices, Equipment, Tools, Vacations, Hotels, Theme Parties, Services
Time Travellers US$5-20 million US$115 million Saas Platform for One Global Virtual Team across multiple departments, languages, time zones, and cultures. When the only indication of your productivity becomes actual tangible results. Clocks & Who's Online, Shared Calendars, Communication, Wiki/Knowledge, Workflows, Dependencies & Coordination, Planning & Delays, Management, Productivity, Targets Goals & Results, Insights & Analytics.
INformed US$5-20 million US$115 million Data, Forms, Events, Workflow, Activities, Analytics & Visualizations
Subscribed US$5-20 million US$115 million Marketplace for anything that can be subscribed. No One Time Orders. Newspapers, Milk, Medicines, Stationary, Food, Help, Services, Supplies
Huddle US$20-50 million US$500 million Virtual Holographic 3D Meetings, Conferences, Presentations, Schools, Colleges, Tourism, Prayers, Theaters, Locations, Scenes, Situations, News
Alternatively US$20-50 million US$500 million Alternate Reality. 3D Holographic Fantasy & Experience
Optimized US$5-20 million US$115 million Applications Of Breakthrough Global Optimization Algorithm(s) To 40+ Domains
Addy US$5-20 million US$115 million Pull Ad Network [Stealth - No Details. No Disclosures Till Launch. Invest Based On Our Reputation Or Pass]
Robotically US$5-20 million US$115 million Marketplace For Robotics Designs, Parts, Manufacturers, Vendors, Services
Batteries US$2-10 billion US$200 billion Worlds Most Efficient, Maximum Lifecycle, Fastest Batteries Designed Using Quantum Computers
Solar Capture US$2-10 billion US$200 billion Maximum Efficiency Solar Energy Capture Designed Using Quantum Computers
Climate US$10-50 billion US$2 trillion Fix Worlds Climate Using CO2->Sediment Catalysts Designed Using Quantum Computers
Photosynthesis US$2 billion US$20 billion Artificial Photosynthesis Designed Using Quantum Computers
Desalination US$10-50 billion US$2 trillion Abundant Drinking Water For The World By Removing Salts From Ocean Water. Designed Using Quantum Computers
Drugs US$10-50 billion US$2 trillion Medicines Designed For All (8000+) Diseases Known To Man, Using Quantum Computers
Materials US$10-50 billion US$2 trillion Exotic Materials Designed Using Quantum Computers
Diagnostics (Quantum) US$20-50 million US$500 million Diagnostics Of Diseases & Conditions Using Quantum Computers
Diagnostics (Deep Learning) US$5-20 million US$115 million Diagnostics Of Diseases & Conditions Using Deep Learning
Robotics (Consumer) US$20-50 million US$500 million Robots For Utility & Companionship
Robotics (Industrial) US$20-50 million US$500 million Utility, Mobility, Autonomy, Reasonably Intelligent
Robotics (Military) US$20-50 million US$500 million Attack, Defend, Collaborate, Help
Collaborative Robotics US$20-50 million US$500 million An Army Of Robots W/ Various Form Factors & Capabilities. They Collaborate, Optimize, Achieve Goals.
Finance US$5-20 million US$115 million Financial Applications - Modelling & Optimization Using Quantum Computers
Logistics US$5-20 million US$115 million Transport, Logistics and Supply-Chain Management
Cryptography & Cryptanalysis US$10-50 billion US$2 trillion Products (Not Services***) For Breaking RSA-2048+, AES-256+, Algebraic Attacks. Using Quantum Computers & Polynomial Order Classical Algorithms
Weather Forecasting US$20-50 million US$500 million Accurate Weather Forecasts Using Quantum Simulations
Fertilizers US$20-50 million US$500 million Efficient, Eco-Friendly Fertilizers Designed Using Quantum Computers
Post Quantum Cryptography US$90-110 million US$1 billion SaaS Applications For Communication And Collaboration Which Cannot Be Hacked Even By Quantum Computers
Secure Phone US$20-50 million US$500 million The World First Quantum Secure & Private Phone
WorldID US$5-20 million US$115 million Global Privacy, Anonymity, Security, Identity Platform
Spiking Neural Nets US$5-20 million US$115 million SW & HW For Brain Like Spiking Neural Networks
Deep Learning Platform US$5-20 million US$115 million We Fixed What The 3 Fathers Of Deep Learning Said Was Wrong With Deep Learning
Efficient Deep Learning US$5-20 million US$115 million Energy, Memory And Compute Efficient Deep Learning
Automatic Deep Learning US$5-20 million US$115 million Model Discovery & Optimization. Everyone Calls It AutoML
Quantum Annealing US$10-50 billion US$2 trillion Deterministic Polynomial Time Solvers For Ising Models
Quantum Computers US$10-100 billion US$20 trillion Worlds First Billion Qubit Infinite Precision Quantum Computers
Ageing Reversal US$100-150 million US$2 billion Tactical/Limited Reversal Of Ageing Using Bio-Reengineering Of The Human Body
Brain Machine Interface US$5-20 million US$115 million Non-Surgical Methods Of Brain Based Interface, Control, Monitoring, Doagnostics & Experience Using Bio-Augmentation
Cyborgs US$20-50 million US$500 million Literally Create A New Species Of Enhanced Humans By Marrying Man & Machines.
A.G.I. $150m-$200m [Grants] N/A Research & Create A Roadmap To Artificial General Intelligence
Project GOD $150m-$200m [Grants] N/A Design And Create A Few New Species Of Carbon Based Life Forms
Paperless World US$5-20 million US$115 million SaaS Platform For Secure Non-Repudiable Paperless Processes
Innovation Management US$5-20 million US$115 million SaaS Platform For Research, Invention, Innovation, Incubation Pipeline Management. Innovation Done Right. From The Experts In Innovation @ Automatski
Command & Control US$5-20 million US$115 million Realtime Federated SaaS Platform For Command & Control
Autonomous Networks US$20-50 million US$500 million Autonomous Networks - SDN + A.I. + P2P + Distributed Compute + Sensors + Data + 5G. The Network Is The Computer
Autonomous Cyber Systems US$20-50 million US$500 million Adaptive Cyber Defence, Cyber Deception, Autonomous Cyber Operations
Quantum Alternative - Computational Solutions US$20-50 million US$500 million Proven CMOS Based Alternatives To Quantum Computing Solutions
Simulations US$5-20 million US$115 million Discrete & Continuous Simulations For Manufacturing, Logistics And Healthcare [Describe, Model, Simulate, Discover, Optimize And/Or Reengineer]
Population Health US$5-20 million US$115 million A SaaS Platform To Manage The Health Of Human Populations
Economics US$5-20 million US$115 million Open Source Economics SaaS Platform [Tools, Workflows, Data & Solvers]
Universal Data Platform US$5-20 million US$115 million Enterprise & SaaS Data Protocols, Language Bindings, Platform. Anonymous & Secure.
Death Reversal $150m-$200m [Grants] N/A Research On Probable Ways Of Reversing Death In A Few Cases
Enterprise Analytics Platform US$5-20 million US$115 million Self Service Data Science & Machine Learning Platform
Proteins US$10-50 billion US$2 trillion Everything In Our Body Happens Using Proteins. We Plan To Engineer Them Their Structures & Functions From The Ground Up.
Quantum Chemistry Simulations US$10-50 billion US$2 trillion Massive Scale Simulations Of Chemical Processes Using Quantum Computers
Quantum Physics Simulations US$10-50 billion US$2 trillion Massive Scale Fermion & Boson Simulations Using Quantum Computers
Consulting & Advisory (Quantum) US$5-20 million US$115 million Help Customers Develop Quantum Applications
Consulting & Advisory (Deep Learning) US$5-20 million US$115 million Help Customers Develop Deep Learning Applications
Blockchain Platform US$90-110 million US$1 billion We Fixed The Problems Of Scalability, Throughput & Energy Consumption Of Blockchains
Large Scale Processors (A.I.) US$100-150 million US$2 billion For Training & Inference. Custom Designed For A.I. Use Cases. Generally Used Algorithms + Automatski's Breakthrough Algorithms.
Large Scale Processors (General Purpose Compute) US$100-150 million US$2 billion Massively Parallel Teraflop - Petaflop Scale Processors
Mental Health US$5-20 million US$115 million Psychology, Psychiatric (Mental Health) Solutions Based On Research & A.I.
The Millennium Institute (Berkeley) US$20-50 million US$500 million Machine/Deep Learning, Quantum Computing And Their Combination Will Define The Future Of Mankind. Lets Educate The Planet To Prepare For The Future. Backed By Automatski's Research

Arthur C. Clarke's Three Laws

  1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
  2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
  3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

* What Automatski Does Is Nothing Less Than Magic When Viewed By 3000 BC Science

** What The Entire World Cannot Achieve In A 1000 Years And Considers Impossible. We Do And Show It Working.

*** Science Doesn't Care About Opinions. Neither Yours Nor Mine. You Are Free To Believe Whatever And Whoever You Want To Believe


  1. 3 People Team Successfully Designed and Bid for the worlds largest $64bn NPV project for SEC. Thats more than the market cap of Uber
  2. We are the worlds first to achieve Quantum Supremacy in 2014 CE
  3. We are the worlds first and only millennium firm
  4. Our Fundamental & Applied Research Spans 40+ Domains and 100+ Technologies. 500+ Problem Statements
  5. 100+ Millennium Inventions in the last 25+ years
  6. We created the worlds first and most powerful billion qubit infinite precision quantum computer in 2014 CE
  7. P = NP = ... = PSPACE = EXPTIME = EXPSPACE (Status 2019 CE Status 2020 CE)
  8. We defined the next 1000 years/millennium of mankind

Don't Trivialize It. Don't Even Try.

Cracking Quantum Many Body Simulation & Quantum Computing in O(N) + Discovering the algorithm of The Universe + Proving the Universe is a Simulation + Proving The Extended Church Turing Thesis. All Together is a Proven Millennium Invention worth multiple Nobel Prizes and Turing Awards. Besides our 100+ Other Millennium Inventions.

"We are here to put a dent on this universe. Or else why even be here." And our biggest achievement is NOT making a mobile phone. Get Serious!

If you want to be a part of the next millennium. Get in touch with us anytime.

Email: investment AT automatski DOT com