Robotism Studio

Robot Virtual Environment, Design, Simulation & Fabrication Platform.


Design & Simulation of Kinematics
Design & Simulation of Sensors & Actuators
Design & Simulation of Controller
Design & Simulation of AI/ML
Design & Simulation of Multiple Actors, Environment & Learning
Two Way Integration With Command & Control Center
Collaborative P2P Integration with other Robots in a Swarm (Algorithms & Simulation)
Code Generation of Robot Firmware
Generation of 3D Files for 3D Printing

AGI (Independant)

Built in the Reflection of Man. Who in turn was built in the Reflection of God himself.

Goal Oriented Constraint Solver (Hybrid)

Can be Turing Complete or Not. We Choose! Hive Minds and Hive Workers.

Controller & Niche/Specialized A.I. Based (Workers)

Devices/Industrial/Consumer/Worker/Bots/Things to Serve us.