We have defined the next 1000 years of mankind !!!

Come join us in our journey!

Automatski is a Millennium Firm with a 1000 year charter to progress mankind. It has 100's of inventions across Drug Discovery, Bioinformatics, Finance, Logistics/Supplychain, Energy, Nuclear Fusion, Climate/Carbon Capture, Superconductivity, Robotics, Materials, Chemistry, Battery Design, Solar Cell Design, Super Alloys, Protein Folding, Medical Imaging, Manufacturing, AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Blockchains, Cryptography, Optimization, Complexity Theory, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics etc.

Automatski makes the worlds most powerful production grade Quantum Annealers, Quantum Simulators and Quantum Computers. It also offers Consulting & Advisory Services to Customers for Adoption of Quantum Computing and a mix of Classical & HPC Computing Techniques.

"Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." - Horace Mann

Beyond Quantum Computing - The Next 1000 Years Of Human Technology.

There Is Something Else At Play Here At Automatski

Most people don't know about Samuel Pierpont Langley. And back in the early 20th century, the pursuit of powered man flight was like the dot com of the day. Everybody was trying it. And Samuel Pierpont Langley had, what we assume, to be the recipe for success. He was given 50,000 dollars by the War Department to figure out this Flying Machine. Money was no problem. He held a seat at Harvard and worked at the Smithsonian and was extremely well-connected; he knew all the big minds of the day. He hired the best minds money could find and the market conditions were fantastic. The New York Times followed him around everywhere, and everyone was rooting for Langley. Then howcome we have never heard of Samuel Pierpont Langley?

A few hundred miles away in Dayton, Ohio, Orville and Wilbur Wright, they had none of what we would consider a recipe for success. They had no money; they paid for their dream from the proceeds of their bicycle shop. Not a single person on the Wright brothers team had a college education, not even Orville or Wilbur. And The New York Times followed them around nowhere.

The difference was that Orville and Wilbur were driven by a cause, by a purpose, by a belief. They believed that if they could figure out this flying machine, it will change the course of the world. Samuel Pierpont Langley was different. He wanted to be rich and wanted to be famous. He was in pursuit of the result. He was in the pursuit of the riches. And lo and behold and look what happened. The people who believed in Wright Brother's dream, worked with them with blood, sweat and tears. The others just worked for the paycheck. They tell stories of how everytime the Wright Brothers went out, they would have to take 5 sets of parts, because thats how many times they would crash before supper.

And eventually on Dec 17th, 1903, the Wright Brothers took flight, and no one was there to even experience it. We found out about it a few days later. And further proof that Langley was motivated by the wrong thing: the day the Wright Brothers took flight, he quit. He could have said, "thats an amazing discovery, guys and I will improve upon your technology." but he didn't. He wasn't first, he didn't get rich, he didn't get famous, so he quit.

Our Flagship Products

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Quantum Simulator

300+ "Logical" Qubit Full State Vector Quantum Circuit Simulators

* Built To Order
** Production Ready Since 1997

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Quantum Annealer(s)

Our Quintillion Annealers support a Quintillion Qubits, thats 10 to the power 18 Qubits.

* Built To Order
** Production Ready Since 1997

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Quantum Computer

Our Quantum Computer supports Unlimited Depth Circuits with Infinite Precision and a Billion+ Qubits

* Built To Order
** Production Ready Since 1997

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Quantum Gravity Computer

The most powerful computing machine possible in this universe whos power can only be matched perhaps by God himself.

A hyper computer that goes beyond Quantum Computing and Causality. Way beyond Turing Machines

* Built To Order
** Experimental Since 2006

Deep Space Travel & Infinite Free Clean Energy

Why us?



We have a millennium charter, and we work for the benefit of entire mankind.

We are The Fathers of The Millennium, AI & Quantum Computing.

*** AI & Quantum Computing are yet to be invented outside Automatski.
5000 years

5000 Years Ahead Of Everyone Else

We are 5000 years ahead of everyone else. They will take a 1000 years to catchup with us once they get exposed to our inventions.

Our inventions sound unbelievable and impossible, and bring thoughts of Alien Technology to ones minds.
Right vs Wrong

Fairness & Ethics

We are willing to lose a trillion dollar deal but we will not compromise on Ethics, Integrity and being Fair to ourselves and everyone at large.

*** Of all the things we do, we spend an exorbitant amount of time debating Right vs Wrong.

Nuclear Fusion

Nobody knows how Plasma behaves at 200 million degrees. The only way to successfully invent nuclear fusion is to perform a full quantum simulation of Plasma at 200 million degrees.

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"सीधी बात नो बकवास !!!"

(English) - "Straight Talk No Bullshit !!!"

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