Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

The Automatski Way

"We are dealing with 'Impossible Missions' and Going Where No Man Has Gone Before in the last 32,000 years. There is no other better way to do this than The Automatski Way." - Founders, Automatski


Given a Complex Enough Problem A Group of Generalists will Beat a Group of Specialists Many Times Over.


"Industrial Era" Specialization are either Excuses for Not Attempting to Solve or are the foundational reasons for the Gross Inability in solving the Biggest Fundamental Cross-Cutting Problems in the Real World. Which are the only things of conseqeuence to the progress of the human race. We believe in multi skilled, readiness to learn, unlearn, relearn. What you already know may or may not help you, but it will definitely hold us back from success in a high probability. We learn, we adapt, we fall, we getup and we start again.

Domain Knowledge

Used Only in Formulating the Problem and Verifying The Solution and absolutely nothing else. Domain Knowledge & Domain Expertise stems from Established Practices across the world and Experience with them in a Domain over the years. The problems in the domain(s) remain unsolved for a reason, because all existing knowledge and expertise in the domain hasn't been able to solve it. Hence to really make millennium breakthroughs we should discard and disregard ALL domain knowledge/expertise/practices/experience. They will be the biggest obstacle in making millennium breakthroughs.

Einstein - "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results".

First Principles

Always start from a clean slate, from the first principles, we use critical thinking, start with all facts and assumptions, hypotheses, assertions, and theories and we take it from there.

Multi-Model Thinking

Our Science and Technology is based on Approximate Models of Reality. They should be treated as such and not Gospels of The Only Truth. A Multi-Model Thinker is way superior to any Single Model Expert and Half Knowledgable at that too. Unfortunately we are not a Multi-Model (aka Multi-Theory) Civilization.

The Human Mind

The most important step in the context of a problem is to analyse 'how' we think, what we 'can' think and 'cannot' think. Create alternate explanations, sometimes alternate models or even start afresh from the creation of alternate theories.

Superior Mental Models

All our theories and models should fit in the brain. And then we simulate them there, sleep, meditate and go into a trance. We solve a problem in our minds using our superior mental models, and only when convinced we put in the effort of doing it the conventional way. Sometimes the gap is of years or even decades.


All our Inventions will be used for the Benefit of Mankind albeit through the Vehicle of a Commercial Business(s).


stubbornness, nothing has changed,
we fall, we pick ourselves up again,
and we adapt...

Lets begin!

Disregard - Roles, Titles and Fiefdoms

"The Earth is Flat" Folks will bind us and subjugate us into conformance. We need to relinquish all barriers, control and influences to get that one elusive shot at making millennium breakthroughs. What follows will be an achievement of a lifetime for the researcher(s) and the firm. Large Fiefdoms are like Religions, attempting to fight or convince them is an act in vain. It is 'The Firms' job to deal with such things.

Politics & Religion

While we work with governments. We don't part take in any Politics or Religion. No form of Activism, or violations of The Rule of The Law is tolerated.


No one can Convince anyone in this world. Everyone makes up their own mind, their own way, and nothing/nobody can change their decisions. Its best to present the facts and arguments, and let everyone make up their minds and take their decisions. Hopefully Rationality will Prevail.


Wrong is Wrong even if everyone is doing it and Right is Right even if you are the only one doing it. Right and Wrong are so by virtue of being Right and Wrong in the given Context and Facts. Starting to Lie and bluff others always ends up with believing those lies yourself. And finally it reaches a stage where you lose the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and you exist in a world of hallucinations far from any relevant comprehension of reality. Honesty, Truth, Integrity.


No records of Gender, Race, Religion, Affiliations, Orientations, Nationality... will be maintained unless required by the Law. We are Unconsciously Unbiased.

Anonymity & Secrecy

Nobody should have any knowledge of the internals of The Firm. There will never be any Patents Filed, Papers Published, or Public Disclosures of our Inventions. Everything will remain Propreitary for the next 1000+ years.