Space Mission

The Automatski Millennium Space Research Organization

"Our Mission Is Not To Goto The Moon Or Mars. Our Mission Is A Millennium Space Mission To Goto Proxima Centuari And Deep Into Space. The Former Will Be A Low Hanging Fruit Side Product Of Our Efforts." - Founders, Automatski

Ion Drive

Ion Drives are our secondary drives (backup mechanism) to propel our Crafts in Deep Space.

Interstellar Travel & Navigation System

We will be able to calculate the optimum route to our destinations in Deep Space, taking into account all possible actors and factors. Arriving at our destination by consuming the least energy and also optimizing for least duration.

Failure Is Not An Option...

Gravity Energy Generator

Our Crafts will need energy in Deep Space, which is void of any currently known and usable sources of energy. Our Gravity based energy generators will power our Crafts in Deep Space.

Terra Former(s)

Will arrive thousands of years before us and prepare the planet using physical, chemical and biological reactions and bio-organism seeding, to prepare for our arrival. And signal back to us when ready.

Anti-Gravity Drive(s)

Anti-Gravity Drives will work alongside our Ion Drives to navigate in Deep Space depending on long or short manouvers respectively.

"We Were Done For In The Late 90's. We Battled Infinite Odds To Make A Come Back In 2014 CE" - Founders, Automatski

"Hello Houston, This Is Odyssey Its Good To See You Again"