Cyber Security

The First Universal Law of Security

"Any System(s) that can be accessed and used and is in operation can never be 'absolutely' secure. It can and eventually will be compromised." - Founders, Automatski

Security is the practice of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of systems or information.




Digital Signatures




Multi-Party Transactions

AAA - Authentication, Authorization & Accounting



Costs & Complexity

Of Compromise can be increased in terms of money or in terms of effort or time required. But this increases the costs and complexities of normal Operations exponentially.


Space, Time, Methods, Actors


Of Desirable and Un-desirable Schemes of Operation
Cyber Security

Managed Services

Advisory Services

PCI Compliance

Technology Architecture & Implementation

Identity Services

Incident Response

Threat Management

The Reality

"Hackers are everywhere, nothing is secured these days."

"One Single Vulnerability is All an Attacker needs." - Window Snyder, Chief Security Officer, Fastly

"There are only two types of Organizations. Ones that have already been hacked, and ones that will be." - Robert Mueller, FBI Director, 2012

"Hackers break the Implementation not the Algorithm. Most security experts pride in their technology, algorithms, processes, workflow, designs. That doesn't matter to hackers at all." - Founders, Automatski

"Automatski can design, engineer and secure an implementation aka (Cyber Security). Automatski can also break the algorithms not just the implementations." - Founders, Automatski