High-performance computing (HPC) is the use of parallel processing for running advanced application programs efficiently, reliably and quickly. The term applies especially to systems that function above a teraflop or 1012 floating-point operations per second.

"When everything fails, and we cannot improve our Algorithms any further. We have no option but to bruteforce it by trying to solve it by throwing lots of hardware at it." - Founders, Automatski

"The Age of The Universe is 2^200 Plancks Time and The Top Human Computational Capability is to Solve Problems of the order of 2^50-2^70." - Founders, Automatski

Single-Threaded CPU Algorithms

Multi-Threaded CPU Algorithms

GPGPU Algorithms

Burn FPGA's

Fab ASIC's


"We cover everything in HPC from Software to Hardware... from CPUs to GPGPU's to FPGA's to ASIC's... to Distributed Algorithms, Data Structures and Computational Frameworks" - Founders, Automatski

"Because, HPC drives scientific research and enables Industrial Innovation. Scientists and Engineers use HPC to build models of complex phenomena. They require fast supercomputers in order to resolve problems in the areas of Life Sciences, Physics, Climate research, Engineering and many others. HPC is our Best Hope to solve problems at Large Scale, which otherwise have no Closed Form Solutions." - Founders, Automatski