Automatski Fundamental Research

The Story...

Our Current Human Science and Technology has been achieved in the last 300 odd years starting mostly with The Industrial Revolution. Contrary to Popular Belief/Myth such 300 years have occurred millions of times in the existence of our planet and the universe. And multiple variations of Human Races have existed in the past.

Automatski Fundamental Research has existed since early Nineties. It is responsible for all the Millennium Inventions and Breakthroughs at Automatski. Automatski Fundamental Research feeds into Automatski which is an IP and Equity Holding Company. Which is then used by Automatski to spin off business ventures as appropriate to Capitalize on those Inventions.


One of the earliest breakthroughs at Automatski Fundamental Research has been to (i) discover the working of the Human Mind and Brain, Consciousness and Soul, and explain Heaven, Hell, Rebirth, Consciousness etc. in a purely scientific non-religious or non-philosophical manner. And also (ii) to explain the Begining, Evolution and End of the Universe also explaining everything like Blackholes, Worm Holes, Space-Time, The Creation of Time, Particle-Wave Duality, Matter-Antimatter, Dark Matter, Dark Energy etc. without any contradictions in a single theory.

These were the foundations on which Automatski was built.


In the next phases of Research, Automatski Fundamental Research made breathroughs in Science and Technology. From Robotics, to Artificial General Intelligence, NP Complete Problem Solutions, Quantum Computing and Quantum Simulations, Environment, Finance, Drug Research, Machine Learning, Operations Research, Chip Design, Computing, Mathematics, Algorithms, Automatic Theorem Proving, Drug Research, Space Travel etc.

Our Mission is to Solve The Toughest Problems Facing Humanity and to Democratize and Guarantee the Health, Prosperity and the Survival of the Human Race.


The Third Millennium

"What Automatski has Achieved and will Achieve has not been accomplished in the last 32,000 years of human existence. And will define the Third Millennium." - Founders, Automatski