Cyber Warfare

The Fifth Dimension

Simply Put We Make Cyber Weapons Of Global Scale Cyber Warfare. The Term Offensive Security Does Not Do Justice In Describing What We Do.

What We Do Requires Software Engineering, Algorithms, Data Structures, Programming, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography, Weapons & Industrial Systems...

There Are No Hackers Or Any Individuals In What We Offer To Do. We Are Not Script Kiddies And We Do Not Use Tools To Execute Attacks.

Everything Is About Systems That Can Unleash Massive Cyber Offensives. It Requires Money, Infrastructure & Resources Just Like Conventional Weapon Systems.

"Cyberwarfare is a war that needs to be fought like an integrated war in 5 dimensions" - Founders, Automatski

Intelligent Defense Routers

Collaborative Routers and Switches using AI to block protocols, ports, ip’s to defend against attacks.

Cyber Attack Infrastructure

Cloud Based Infrastructure to Launch Exploits, Deliver Payloads and Cripple enemy systems.

Training Environment

Cyberwarfare Offense/Defense Wargame Training Environment.

Forensics & Post Incident Analysis Toolkit

Unconventional Use Of AI & Deep Learning.

Smart Education

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul like these sweet mornings.

Defense Shield

A cloud based and Managed Services infrastructure that Checks defenses of internet facing member systems.

Intrusion Detection

Near Turing Complete AI That Guards an Infrastructure In Realtime.

Internet Scanner

Scan the entire internet, every machine on it, one complete global cataloging and scan every couple of hours.

How to define U.S. Cyber Weapons?

"Our network is our weapons platform." — Army Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone, leader of U.S. Cyber Command and the top secret NSA, the National Security Agency

Cyber-Arms & Ammunitions Marketplace

A marketplace(s) for Cyber Arms and Ammunitions.

Battle Station v1.0 - Generation 1

Mobiles,Tablets,Laptops & Portable Hardware for Hacking, Scanning, Surveillance. Also for Testing & Audits.

RF Station v1.0 - Generation 1

Interception of WiFi, WiMax, Bluetooth, SigFox, LoraWan, GSM, LTE (Signal Intelligence).

Cloud Tables

Cloud based Infrastructure for reversing cryptographic hash functions, both salted and unsalted. This will enable our hackers to crack passwords in seconds, become root and compromise and exploit enemy systems without being discovered.

Brute Force Attack Cluster

Cloud Based Cluster to Push The Limits of Physics to launch and execute Brute Force Attacks against enemy nations and their systems.

Dark Matter

Bot Net Infrastructure, Creation and Management Solution.

Free Spirit

Quantum Computers used in Hacking.

Anonymity Network

Agents and Machines can hide their Identity, avoid blocking and filtering, execute operations without detection and without fear of Regressive Governments and Regimes. By hopping 100+ times through a P2P network..

This is a 'defining moment' for the U.S. in cyberspace

"When I first started working cyber, operations were often just concepts, and when conducted, performed ad-hoc by technical specialists on loan from other organizations. Now, a mature and highly-capable Cyber force is built and in the fight, aggressively defending our network, conducting daily operations against adversaries, and strengthening the combat power and lethality of U.S. forces around the world. We are at a defining time for our Nation and our military. Near-peer competitors are posturing themselves, and threats to the United States’ global advantage are growing—nowhere is this challenge more manifest than in cyberspace." — Army Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone, leader of U.S. Cyber Command and the top secret NSA, the National Security Agency