Cancer Cure

Genomics - The study of the complete genetic material of an organism.

Proteomics - The study of various protein interactions, such as protein-protein, protein-DNA, protein-RNA, protein-phospholipid, and protein-molecule interactions.


Breast Cancer
Kidney Cancer

Infectious Diseases

Dengue Fever
Chagas Disease (African Trypanosomiasis)
Zika Virus
Hepatitis C
Ebola Virus

Neurological Diseases

Alzheimer’s Disease
Huntington’s Disease
Parkinson’s Disease

The Future...

"Proteomics is very similar to the genomics revolution, but it will be a more powerful one because it’s the layer that’s closest to being able to do something about your discoveries." - Dr Jyoti Choudhary, Head of Proteomics and Metabolomics Laboratory at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK.

"You can Design a New Organism with Genomics. With Proteomics you can Control how that Organism Functions." - Founders, Automatski

"By solving Protein Folding to start with, and then working out Genomics and Proteonomics from there. We have unravelled the deepest secrets of Living Beings and to their Healthy Existence." - Founders, Automatski