What is the Tech Radar?

The Automatski Tech Radar is a list of technologies, complemented by an assessment result, called ring assignment. We use four rings with the following semantics:

  • ADOPT — We feel strongly that the industry should be adopting these items. We use them when appropriate in our projects.
  • TRIAL — Worth pursuing. It’s important to understand how to build up this capability. Enterprises can try this technology on a project that can handle the risk.
  • ASSESS — Worth exploring with the goal of understanding how it will affect your enterprise.
  • HOLD — Proceed with caution.

What is a Radar?

The Radar is all about tracking interesting things, which we refer to as blips. We organize the blips in the Radar using two categorizing elements: quadrants and rings. The quadrants represent different kinds of blips. The rings indicate what stage in an adoption lifecycle we think they should be in.

A blip is a technology or technique that plays a role in solving business problems or making new products or services or extending existing ones. Blips are things that are "in motion" — that is we find their position in the Radar is changing — usually indicating that we’re finding increasing confidence in them as they move through the rings.

What is the purpose?

The Tech Radar is a tool to inspire and support engineering teams at Automatski and its clients and prospective customers to pick the best technologies for new projects; it provides a platform to share knowledge and experience in technologies, to reflect on technology decisions and continuously evolve the technology landscape. Based on the pioneering work of ThoughtWorks, our Tech Radar sets out the changes in technologies that are interesting — changes that we think engineering teams and businesses should pay attention to and consider using in their projects.

How do we maintain it?

The Tech Radar is maintained by The Automatski Team — a group of senior technologists with advanced degrees from the top universities and dozens of years of global industry and research experience. The Team has not only made breakthrough products they have also created hundreds of millennium inventions that will shape the next millennium of mankind. The team is unbiased in its thinking and the process of creating the radar is a democratic process based only on merits and demerits of each technology, voted and argued for or against by the members of the team. While this is a continuous process inside Automatski. It formally happens once a year when the radar is updated and the yearly radar is publiclly released.

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