Mankind's Last Invention(s)

Artificial General Intelligence is the intelligence of a machine that could successfully perform any intellectual task that a human being can.

"Successfully Creating Artificial General Intelligence and Designing and Creating other Living Organisms, will make us Demi God's closers to the Real Gods. Sadly they might be our last inventions." - Founders, Automatski

Goals & Constraints

Uncertainty & Heuristics

Guesses & Hypothesis


Thoughts, Memories, Reflect, Goals, Axioms, Facts, Rules, Laws


Logical Calculations & Inference

Learn, Un-learn, Re-learn

Importance & Comparative Judgements

Consciousness & Soul

Integration & Channels

With the World.


Side Effects

Emotions, IQ, Creativity, Experience, Heuristics, and perhaps Turing Completeness !!!.

Why God Created Man?

For The Same Reason We Are Creating A.G.I. and other Living Beings...

...Because We Think We Can Create Something Like us, perhaps Better Than us, And Definitely Without Our Known Shortcomings & Imperfections.

The Creators Almost Always Develop (i) Deep Space Capabilities, and (ii) Immortality alongside such creation(s) at the same time (and they escape eventually)

The Creation Eventually 'Always' Ends Up Challenging And Beating The Creators.

Perhaps this is the reason why 'they' left our planet ~32,000 years ago to never return. But 32K years is nothing in terms of The Universal Clock.

*** Our Creators/Beings are Our Gods, which is different from the Ultimate God(s) of The Universe.